Ricky Garza grew up in Vista, California, and when God placed on his heart to plant a church, they decided to plant right where he was from. Vista has a huge need for Gospel-centered churches with only a fraction of the population that identifies with evangelical Christianity. Vista is an older town that sits right outside of San Diego and is packed in with houses and lots of people. Because of the space issues and wanting to plant churches that impact their community Ricky and his team made in-roads into the local elementary school where they impact the school through whatever ways they can.



  • Planting in cool city or one you know well
  • Seeing a city through missional eyes
  • Challenges of planting a church in a religious environment
  • Allowing the mission to create new opportunities with space challenges
  • Neighborhood churches
  • Watching a planter’s expectations
  • One of the biggest mistakes a church planter makes
  • Funding and being a good steward