On this podcast, I interview Jay Adkins, an old friend and mentor from New Orleans. I used to serve on staff with Jay in New Orleans when Lindsay and I lived there. He has single-handedly impacted my theology and who I am as a pastor more than any other person. He is currently working on a PhD at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.

We talk about the importance of theology in the local church and how it affects just about everything from discipleship to the way we live and act. It’s foundational and extremely important.


  • Crescent Crier – Jay’s personal blog
  • Grasping God’s Word
  • Spiritual Disciplines
  • Christian Theology
  • Evangelical Dictionary of Theology


  • Orthodoxy vs. orthopraxy
  • Why some pastors see theology in a negative light
  • Some of the doctrines the church has neglected
  • Practical ways the church can teach better theology
  • Advice to young pastors and church planters

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