Daniel Savage is the associate pastor at Redemption Church in Ogden, Utah. He is also a huge contributor to Tough Church Planting who handles the production of the Tough Church Planting Podcast. He previously has served at an established church setting outside of New Orleans but has recently moved to Ogden to help the church. Many times, the call to church planting usually is about the lead church planter, but there isn’t a whole lot on joining an existing team. We talk today about joining a church planting team and how to discern God’s call and not let your desire to do something new trump what the Holy Spirit is doing.

Following God’s call to join a work that is just getting started doesn’t carry many benefits other than knowing you are glorifying God in what you are doing. That means you may be far away from your family, you won’t have a well-paying job, and it’ll be hard work.

This podcast is great for those who are team members, lead planters looking for team members, and others who want to know how they can contribute to a church plant.


Topics We Discuss:

  • What if you’re not called to be a lead church planter but you want to help a church plant?
  • Joining a planting team
  • Leaving behind family
  • Worship ministry in a church plant
  • How do you know if you’re called?
  • Finances for a team member
  • Bivocational ministry