Today, we interview JC Groves, campus pastor of the Ringgold campus at Rockbridge Church. JC and I talk about multi site churches and, more specifically, launching a campus. JC was a youth pastor in Salt Lake City before he took the call to work for Rockbridge Church.

They started with a core team of people that were already connected to Rockbridge Church but were driving a good distance to get to the main campus. JC took that core and launched the Ringgold campus.

We discuss his launch plan, and we discuss the ecclesiological issues that arise when talking about multi site. For example, is the whole multi site church the church or is the campus the church? It was a great episode. Even if you disagree with the philosophy, JC has some great stuff for anyone whether you’re a multi site person or not. Check it out!


Topics We Discuss

  • The nuts and bolts of multi site church
  • Launching a campus
  • Ecclesiology of multi site church and their campuses
  • What a good campus pastor looks like
  • Harnessing social media the right way