Many times, I find myself saying, “I don’t have enough time to…” I say it often when it comes to church, family, personal study, free time, yard work, etc.  Most of us say that phrase “I don’t have enough time.” But, what do we mean when we ask that question?

What I think we’re really saying is that we do not ascribe enough value to that thing to give it that valuable time slot. The truth is I have as much time as anyone else does. Time is a renewable resource. When it’s gone, we have more again. Time, like our money, shows us what we value. If you want to know what you value or not value, where do you spend your time?

Possibly more importantly, what do you not value as much as you think you do? What are those things that you never have time for? Those questions may be more enlightening than the previous. When we say things like we don’t have time to go to church, read our Bible, pray with our wives, teach our children, or have relationships outside the church, we are really saying we don’t value those things.

Words are one thing. Time is another. So, what do you value with how you spend your time?