I’m a Church Planting Catalyst in Salt Lake City working for the North American Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention

I also love being a husband to my beautiful wife and daddy to three amazing kids! Life isn’t easy by any means, but I love every minute. I get the privilege of having a job that I love and a family that I can’t wait to spend time with every day.


In 2004, I spent a summer in Burley, Idaho that changed my life. I went from pursuing a chemical engineering degree with aspirations of law school and lots of money to turning towards a life in ministry. When I left that summer, God put a soft spot in my heart for the Utah-Idaho area and for pastoral ministry.

I was first turned onto the idea of church planting during a class I had at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary in 2008. After four years of ministry at two different positions in New Orleans and Utah, God called my wife and I to plant Redemption Church in Ogden, Utah.  We wanted to see a Gospel-centered church that offered the hope and life of Jesus Christ. It’s been an incredible journey and one that has been filled with joys, challenges, worries, and struggles.


As a church planter and working with church planters every day, I want to learn and grow myself in this area. I’m hoping Tough Church Planting can be a great place for discussion and improvement in the area of church planting. Ultimately, my prayer is for much more church planting to happen where I live in the state of Utah but also around the world.